Wall of Shame

In this big room I stand so small, and worn,
with many things that please the eye.
From, my desires, to my joys,
I see them and I cry
For reaching to just one,
would make me turn with pain
Just past that wall, the one I built,
Is what I want again.
I have no key, there is no door
just my two knees I fear
To get past this wall of shame,
Of which I have made appear
Not on my own will it come down,
For high and strong, well-stacked it is,
Out of my sin, and things transgressed.
And what thought was best.
For in this heart, I call a room,
Of which there is no good,
One came in who loved,
And, cherished,
Like no other ever could
Each day He comes,
breaks down those walls
of which I build each day.
To point me to His father,
The true and only way

~Bud Driver