TWR Prayer Letter April

April 2009
Dear friends,

I am getting really excited about this trip to South Africa. After much prayer and patience, things are starting to move along. I have been working on my visa papers and will be going to Washington D.C. this week, Lord willing, to get that beautiful little stamp on my passport. It has been a bit of a challenge getting this figured out, but between myself, the wonderful people from Trans World Radio in both Cary, South Carolina, Johannesburg, South Africa and the South African Embassy in Washington D.C., I think we are getting close.

Financially, I am about $3,000 behind my goal of $9,000 for the entire trip. I have been in contact with a few churches but, praise God, they have not been able to help, for I know that God will provide it by His grace and in his timing so that He can get all the glory. This has also been a blessing to me as well; not knowing what will happen, but having to trust Christ for all of this to be put in place has increased my faith tremendously. I am learning to become more patient and more thankful for what He provides so graciously.

I would covet your prayers in the following ways:

• Pray for the team in South Africa, as there are three members gone or leaving on furlough this week.
• Pray for my visa to go through smoothly.
• Pray that God would provide the financial support for this trip.
• Pray that God would be preparing me for this move.
• Pray for the lost; so many are out there who have not heard the joy of the Gospel .

Praise God for people like the folks in South Africa who are on the front lines preaching, teaching, and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in foreign lands and praise Him especially for those who are willing to stay behind and be the praying force that brings the Gospel into fruition in the lives of so many new believers.

Ah! If we did but love Christ better, my brothers and sisters, if we lived nearer to the
cross, if we knew more of the value of his blood, if we wept like him over Jerusalem,
if we felt more what it was for souls to perish, and what it was for men to be saved—if
we did but rejoice with Christ in the prospect of his seeing the travail of his soul, and
being abundantly satisfied—if we did but delight more in the divine decree, that the
kingdoms of this world shall be given to Christ, I am sure we would all of us find
more ways and more means for sending forth the gospel of Christ. ~ Charles Spurgeon

Soli Deo Gloria (To God be the glory alone),

Bud Driver