~This is not put together very well, but it is what is on my heart~

I have been back from the mission field for a little over two weeks now. I should be Praising God for all He did in my life, and I do thank God for His grace, His favor, and every good thing that He has done these past 6 months. However, I feel spiritually I'm in a worse spot that I was before I left. I am not in the bible as I should be, my prayer life is suffering, I am not sure I can hear the voice of God. I am not even sure I can hear where He is leading me in the future. I feel like I am just stuck. Praise God He is sovereign, for I know if I were do anything on my own I would fail ~Romans 8:28

For the first time in my life I am truly understanding Paul when he said "He was he worse of sinners", but I have to disagree, because, I know I have him beat by a long shot in the depravity that is me. If you truly knew my thoughts, if you knew my secret desires, you would want nothing to do with me, you would run the other way with a speed that would put an Olympic runner to shame. Praise God, He molds us over time into His Image. ~Ephesians 5:26-27

Why is it that the Sovereign Lord in His wisdom choose someone like me to be His servant, why did he choose someone like me to be hands, to be His feet on this earth, when I don't even deserve to be hangnail. I am in awe of the Lord, I must Thank Him, and Praise Him for not giving me what I deserve (Death and Hell), but giving me chance after chance to step up to the plate, and Glorify His name throughout all the earth. ~2 Thessalonians 2:13

Please Pray right now for someone in your life who does not know peace of the Lord Jesus Christ, Pray that God would even save them right now if it be His will.