~Not the debris~

At the end of my rope, I see no more
A way out of the storm, and onto the shore
I swim and swim, not giving into the waves
Too stay up, too stay up, is what I crave
With the ship wreck around me 
There’s so much to grab onto
To keep from drowning, to get breath anew
Each thing I grasp sinks under the sea
From barrel, to plank, yes all this debris
Just as I am sinking I take my very last breath
I think, and I wonder am I ready for death
Sinking below with only my hand still above
I feel someone grasp, as a labor of love
Standing before me with tears in his eyes
It’s the Lord Jesus to my surprise
I let you sink He tells me, but only so far
So you’ll look to me, and not your scars
One thing I realized riding those waves
It’s not the debris, but Christ who saves
~Sidney Driver


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